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I absolutely LOVE listening to podcasts, the format is uniquely situated to fit into our busy lives, allowing us to multi-task. When i’m cycling, running, hiking, sat in an airport, on a long drive etc, I can pop on a podcast and be inspired, motivated, entertained and educated. I can listen to programs that broaden my perspectives and grow my understanding of the world. (In fact I would go as far as saying that I have learnt more by listening to free podcasts, than I did through my expensive university education!)  Podcasts are also fantastic for finding community, the second you tap “subscribe” on a podcast series is the second you immerse yourself into a community of like-minded listeners.

As such a massive fan, it’s of course then a great treat when I get invited to speak as a guest on a podcast. Below are a number of podcasts that I have been delighted to speak on (I love to chat!).

Iceland Traverse

Chatting on the Tough Girl Podcast about my 600km solo hike from the Southern tip of Iceland to the Northern tip, right up through the inhospitable highlands and the world’s largest lava desert. It was also really nice to talk about how much pleasure I got from this trip because of its simplicity. No pressure, no records, no firsts… just an adventure in its purest form.

1911 TDF & SRMR

Speaking on the Tough Girl Podcast about cycling the 1911 original Tour de France route unsupported, 5,439km, in 23 days, the duration the professional cyclists take to ride today’s current Tour that is 2000km shorter. And also talking about finishing the incredible inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Great Wall of China

Chatting on the Tough Girl Podcast about making the gigantic leap from life as a model to life as an adventurer. Becoming the first person to walk the Great Wall of China from in Western most terminus to its Eastern. 4500km unsupported. Also talked about completing the longest crossing by a woman of the Southern Patagonian Icecap, and narrowly escaping with my life.

Silk Road Mountain Race

A short interview, alongside my partner Lee Townend, about our time on the inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race and coming in first pair.

Iceland Traverse Solo

Great chat with The Outdoor Station about my Iceland Traverse. Talking route, kit, difficulties, landscape, weather and much more.

Catwalk to Adventurer

Great to chat with John from The Modern Adventurer Podcast about a chat-up line and turned into a life-changing trek along the great wall of China. 

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