Katie-Jane L'Herpinieres Adventures & Expeditions

Some of my Own adventures & expeditions

I have been very fortunate to experience lots of fantastic adventures over the past 15+ years, including a number of world firsts. Completing over 28,000km of unsupported human powered expeditions and over 700 nights wild camping. From the Sahara Desert to the Arctic Ocean, the Himalayas to the Andes and many places in between. Click on the images below to navigate to through my different adventures.

My adventures include; becoming the first person in history to walk, unsupported, the entire length of the Great Wall of China (4500km) from its most Western terminus to its Eastern. Completing the longest ever crossing by a woman of the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap. A solo unsupported traverse of Iceland, crossing the worlds largest lava desert. Cycling the 1911 original Tour de France route unsupported, 5,439km, in 23 days, the duration the professional cyclists take to ride today’s current Tour that is 2000km shorter. 1 of just 29 finishers from the 98 starters to complete the inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan. Lived in a floating tent at -50C for two months on the Arctic Ocean gathering scientific data. Fast packed the GR5 high mountain trail across the French Alps, a distance of 700km with 50,000m vertical… to name a few.

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