Iceland Traverse


What: A 600km journey on foot traversing the land of fire and ice, from its most Southerly point to its most Northerly.

Where: Iceland. Starting at the black sand beach of Kötlutangi 63°23’N, 018°45’W in the South, and finishing at Rifstangi 66°32’N, 016°12’W in the North.

How: Hiking/FastPacking, carrying just the essentials everything I need on my back to be self-sufficient.

Who: Just little old me, solo and unsupported.

When: Starting on the 26th of June 2019.


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The Details

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

I will be traveling through the Odadahraun Desert, Iceland’s most desolate destination and the largest lava field in the world. The chance of seeing anyone else once up on the plateau will be extremely unlikely. At times I will need to carry water for at least 3 days, as the desert is completely dry. Then in contrast, at other times I will be battling to not get washed away whilst crossing fast flowing glacial rivers. The weather can be brutal, with four seasons in the space of an hour and 100km/hr+ winds are standard (well it is the second windiest country in the world). This barren unworldly luna landscape will provides views like nothing I have every seen before.

This journey is not about fast times or world firsts, it’s simply an adventure in its purist form. To be comfortable with being uncomfortable. To grow and to feel alive.

Traveling solo makes you tough. With no one to help you in difficult times, you need to be resourceful, fix problems, make decisions and get things done. Continually adapting and changing. It’s this that excites me, living on a primal level, carrying all I need. You can view my full kit list here.

Mordor here I come!



A big thank you for your continued support