Great Walk of China Documentary

Walking 4600km along the Great Wall of China was my very first challenge, and I think it will always be my favourite. It was nothing short of ‘life changing’. The Great Walk of China is a story of adventure and self discovery. A one hour documentary recounting my life changing journey, leaving behind my life as a model to become the first person to walk the 4500km length of the Great Wall of China. Battling sand storms, blizzards, temperatures from +40ºC to -35ºC, frost bite, starvation, exhaustion and dehydration and narrowly escaping with my life on one harrowing occasion.

Winner of the people’s choice award at the Dundee Mountain Film Festival 2009

Nominated for best independent film at the Media Innovation Awards 2009

Featured at the Adventure Film Festival 2009

Featured at the Autrans Mountain Film Festival 2009

Featured at the Dijon Mountain Film Festival 2009

You can watch the full length one hour documentary here >>


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