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I’ve put together some adventure kit lists, filled with tips and advice, to help you prepare ahead of time. If you are looking for even more detail, then each one has a corresponding blog post giving further information. In some instances the kit lists can look a little overwhelming. Don’t worry. You are unlikely to need everything on the list, but I am just a big fan of making sure I am ready for the worst case scenario.

If you are embarking on a multi-week expedition or adventure, then a kit list probably isn’t going to cut it. You are probably going to need to prepare a spreadsheet so you can calculate base weight, consumables, shopping list, costs etc. I have prepared some blank templates for you to fill in, as well as making some of my own spreadsheets available that you can use as examples.

My kit lists don’t include specific manufacturers / brands, just generic suggested equipment. If you do want to see some of the brands I use, and why I use them, then take a look at my personal expedition spreadsheets examples below. But remember these are products that work for me. Where you’re heading, what time of year, your budget, your comfort and preferences etc will all have an influence on your kit choices. Please just use these resources as a guide to get you started.

Essential Kit Lists

Example & Template Spreadsheets

If you would like to use and edit one of the TEMPLATE spreadsheets, then once you have clicked through to view it, you can then either log in to your Google account and make a copy of my file to your account, which you will then be able to edit. Or if you would prefer to use Excel, then go to File-Download-Excel and download the document onto your computer for you to edit.

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