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Hiking in Beaufortain

Beaufortain microadventure… unforgettable!!!

Just back from a two day hike across the Beaufortain Massif. I had completely forgotten just how much fun micro-adventures without a bike can be, as it’s been a couple of years!! Staying in a high mountain refuge… being warmed by a roaring log burner and cups of tea, playing cards and board games, whilst its -10C and snowing outside.

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Easyjet Magazine - Secret life of adventurers

Easyjet – Secret life of Adventurers

‘The Secret Life Of Adventurers’ was a fun article out in the September edition of the EasyJet on flight magazine. I have no idea how I made the cut alongside such adventure royalty as; Ranulph Fiennes, Bear Grylls, Uelli Steck, Alain Robert, Borge Ousland etc… but it seem’s I was the only one that mentioned Strictly Come Dancing, Whitney Houston, petticoats & high heels  (Girlie to the core!)

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The Great Wall of China

Great Walk of China Documentary

A story of adventure and self discovery. The Great Walk of China is a one hour documentary recounting my life changing journey, leaving behind my life as a model to become the first person to walk the 4500km length of the Great Wall of China. Battling sand storms, blizzards, temperatures from +40ºC to -35ºC, frost bite, starvation, exhaustion and dehydration and narrowly escaping with my life on one harrowing occasion.

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