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Calanche de Piana

Corsica Bike Adventure

Corsica first came onto my radar in 2013, when the Tour de France completed the first 3 stages of the 100th tour on the Island. The beautiful arial footage of the Island during the race just blew me away, and I banked it into my memory of ‘must go’ places with my bicycle. Well it

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The Col du Grand Fond

Beaufortain Traverse Ski Tour

My second challenge of 2017, a multiday ski tour across the Beaufortain Massive, was not meant to be an epic endurance test, either physically or mentally but a challenge to face my fears.

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Ski Touring Tignes

A Year of Adventure: 12 challenges for 2017!!!

Inspired by the wonderful Alastair Humphreys ‘Year of Microadventures’, I have decided to commit to 12 adventures/challenges over the next 12 months. Okay so not all of my proposed challenges for 2017 are ‘micro’, but they also not large scale expeditions that involve being away for months on end or needing large budgets and sponsors. Maybe I should call them 2017’s year of ‘midi’ adventures/challenges!

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The transcontinental Race

Hard decisions in the Transcontinental saga!

So recently I had to make the decision whether to enter the Transcontinental (TCR) again in 2017, having failed to complete the race in both 2015 & 2016, or defer it for another year. There is no way this race can or will go unfinished, BUT I was questioning whether racing again in 2017 was the right decision. Of course we ride our bikes in races like the TCR to push ourselves physically and mentally, but ultimately we enter because we LOVE cycling! I was worried that if I go straight back into doing the TCR again, with the pressure I put myself under to succeed and do well, the race could become more of a chore rather than a passion, which is not what it is all about!

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Hiking in Beaufortain

Beaufortain microadventure… unforgettable!!!

Just back from a two day hike across the Beaufortain Massif. I had completely forgotten just how much fun micro-adventures without a bike can be, as it’s been a couple of years!! Staying in a high mountain refuge… being warmed by a roaring log burner and cups of tea, playing cards and board games, whilst its -10C and snowing outside.

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